Icon anywhere on the desktop

In my previous company, I used Sunworkstation and the CDE window environment. I did most of my work using the Cadence Design System, and for that, very frequently I used up to 20 windows a time. I organized these windows by minimizing them and group them in separate region on the desktop.


Now in my present company, I was given Redhat Linux GNOME 2.0.

When I opened up too many windows, the icon on the desktop bar are so crowded together that I cannot easily tell what they are.

[Recall that I group my windows in separate regions on my desktop in Sun’s CDE environment].


Question is: Can the windows be minimized into icons on to the desktop (instead of only into the desktop bar) that I can move around and group them ?

Please give detail steps/instructions on how to do it.


Thank you very much,


AndrewTham8 yahoo com



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