Re: frame size hints - for Wine

Hi Dominik,

Think of it as a recommendation, rather than a garantuee. If the window manager changes the size of the frame later, that's OK. The user can move the window.

If I place my window a 0,0 the frame won't be visible, so the value I'm looking for is simply a location (x,y) to place my window so that the frame will be more or less visible, and not off the edge of the screen. If some of the WM's frame is not visible, that's OK. Just suggest me an offset... it's better than nothing.

You can say that this is bad design, etc, but in the end, this is a problem in Wine that is not easily solvable. At this time, I am considering looking at the parent of my window and calculating the size of the frame from the difference in size. That won't work for some window managers.


Dominik Vogt wrote:

Wine is another "application" where it would be nice to know how large the window manager frame is.

It is simply impossible to provide that information under X.
Window managers are free to change the size of the decorations at
any time.

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