Re: Window History Placement

> >
> > For one thing, the extra property gives clients a way to turn off
> history
> > saving, which seems valuable.
>  Doesn't of of the two geometries in WM_NORMAL_HINTS do the same?

You mean USPosition vs PPosition ? IIRC that was meant just as a way to
suppress interactive placement when -geometry was specified, but those fields are
almost universally ignored nowadays (and interactive placement is not common

>  Yes. But there's one SM_CLIENT_ID per application in 99,999999% cases, so
> in 
> practive what I said should be enough (or one can use the SM property
> instead 
> of PID, if needed).

The problem is not multiple SM_CLIENT_IDs per app, but rather non-SM-aware
apps, which are
unlikely to have either SM_CLIENT_ID or WM_WINDOW_ROLE. You probably don't
want all your
xterms with XTerm/xterm to come up at the same spot.


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