I want to suggest another hint to the _NET_WM_STATE property:

This atom will signify that the window requests the current screen
not to be blanked (by screen saver / DPMS). As long as there's at
least one window on the screen which has this hint, the screen saver
should not be activated.

It'll be the window manager's responsibility to notify the screen saver
component of the desktop environment.

This solves the problem with movie players which disable DPMS
themselves, where they don't re-enable it properly upon abnormal
termination. Upon seeing this property in the _NET_SUPPORTED list, a
player (or any other application which may require attention without
requiring input for a prolonged time) would stop using the manual
method of disabling DPMS and set this property instead.

P.S. You are welcome to pick a better name for the atom; maybe the
window should indicate that it "requires attention without requiring
input" (instead of plain saying "I don't want a screen saver").

P.P.S. Once I get an Ok from you guys, I'll write a patch to the spec

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