On Sunday 07 of December 2003 18:39, Rob Adams wrote:
> Should we add a provision for CurrentTime to be used as the server
> timestamp to indicate that the application is continuously interactive,
> such as a video game where you move the mouse around a lot but never
> need to click anywhere or press any buttons?

 The value of 0 in _NET_WM_USER_TIME already has a meaning ("The special value 
of zero on a newly mapped window means that the window shouldn't initially 
get focus after being mapped."). IIRC the original reason for this was that 
the first proposal which evolved to this was just "I need a flag that will 
prevent my IM's new window from being focused". With WM using the full 
functionality possible by _NET_WM_USER_TIME this is indeed not necessary, but 
I've found use for it even with KWin - e.g. when middle clicking with shift 
held in Konqueror - that results in that link being open in a new window in 
the background.

 What exactly would you need that for?

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