Re: Support for applications using different video resolutions

On Mon, Aug 04, 2003 at 10:57:35AM +0200, Matthias Clasen wrote:
> This looks very XFree86-specific and hardware-oriented.  I don't think it
> fits with the rest of the EWMH.

It is XFree specific only if other X implementations do not provide for
you to set the modeline, and then there isn't much you can do..

It is hardware oriented only in that it lets you set the modeline, which is
what applications need if they are to control not only the screen size, but
also the other aspects of the display such as the refresh rate. That
applications can control them is very important.

> I think it should 
> a) be done as a separate spec

Perhaps, but it is for window manager - client interaction, which is what
EWMH is all about.

> b) use a new manager selection like  _NET_VIDMODE_MANAGER

I like this idea alot.

> c) explain the interaction with RandR 

I don't think there should be any interaction with RandR. RandR is meant for
long-term changes to your desktop geometry, not for zooming to a new vidmode.
With RandR, your desktop is actually resized. Your panels should not be
resized, and apps moved around, etc, every time you change resolutions to
watch a movie.


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