Re: move/resize handling again

On Tue, Nov 12, 2002 at 10:55:31AM +0100, Matthias Clasen wrote:
> > > Today I stumbled over another forgotten detail of ICCCM move/resize
> > > handling: Section 7.7 explains how
> > 
> > What exactly are you refering to?  There is no section 7.7 in the
> > ICCCM, and I can see nothing that talks specifically about
> > XMoveWindow() or XResizeWindow() in any of the ICCCM sections.
> Section 7.7 of the EWMH 1.2, 

I see.  The version I saw before did not have section numbers.
That section should really not refer to C api calls but instead
talk about the protocol request format.  Clients are not
necessarily written in C.

> > No, the ICCCM2 already specifies how XMoveResizeWindow() has to be
> > treated by the window manager.  Since this generates a
> > ConfigureRequest package, section 4.1.5 of the ICCCM applies.  The
> > window manager has no choice at all in that matter because it can
> > not even distinguish between XConfigureWindow() and
> > XMoveResizeWindow().
> I know that all these calls end up as configure requests on the server 
> side.
> Section 4.1.5 is known to be one of the hardest sections of the ICCCM, 
> thats
> why the EWMH contains an detailed explanation of the expected behaviour. 
> But 
> it only explains the expected behaviour for "move requests" and "resize 
> requests",
> not "moveresize requests".

You have to assume the application knows what it is doing.  When
it requests position x/y, that position should be granted,
regardless of whether a new size was requested too.  I would have
though that is quite clear.  Perhaps the confusion arises because
we are all used to finding the hidden implications of the ICCCM and
miss the obvious points.  ;-)


How unfortunate that the new version just tries to
enforce the imagined "right way" of handling the win_gravity in
configure requests.  I had at least hoped that it is somewhere
mentions that most windows managers and clients traditionally do
not follow this "rule".  Sigh, I guess I have to continue to
ignore much of the EWMH spec in order to write a felxible window


Dominik ^_^  ^_^

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