Re: saving window states

> > I consider this out of scope for the EWMH, since we explicitly say 
> > wm configuration is not covered.
> I don't see how this is WM configuration. I think it's a window
> manager - application interaction issue; to clearly assign
> responsibility for recording window state.

But there is no individual window whose state you could record, unless I 
misunderstood what you are trying to achieve: Having mozilla main windows
come up maximized, but mozilla dialogs not.

I consider that configuration, because you would typically put something 
like the
following (for fvwm2) in the wm config file:

Style   "Mozilla"       StartsMaximized, StartsRaised

> > (I'd like to point to the exact section
> > where we say this, but I just noticed that the spec is completely 
> > unnumbered - Havoc, can we change the formatting of the 
> > specs to include section numbers ? That would make it easier to cite 
> > exactly.)
> Do you know how to convince db2html to do that? ;-)
Well, db2html --help says that db2html looks for FILE.dsl as stylesheet 
processing FILE. Alternatively, you can use db2html -s STYLESHEET FILE. 
its just a matter of finding the dsssl docbook stylesheet parameter for 
numbering. If you are not an exerienced DSSSL programmer, I can look into
producing a customized stylesheet tonight. Oh, the db2ps call needs 

> > Saving state of uniquely identified windows is clearly the realm of 
> > session management.
> It isn't, because the state we want to save here is in no way tied to
> a session.

But your use cases don't involve any uniquely identified windows, AFAIK 
all about configuring how the wm should treat certain classes of windows 
initial mapping.


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