Re: saving window states

"Matthias Clasen" <Matthias Clasen poet de> writes: 
> I don't see this as saving window state at all. Its just a convenient
> way to configure how the wm should treat certain windows (which can be 
> identified by class or/and name, and possibly also by

That doesn't address the use cases, though. It just does not work as
far as I see. Maximized mozilla dialogs (yeah they should set
_NET_WM_WINDOW_TYPE_DIALOG, but _requiring_ that to be set is backward
incompatible); manual user intervention required; doesn't handle
saving state for document windows per-document.

> I consider this out of scope for the EWMH, since we explicitly say that 
> wm configuration is not covered.

I don't see how this is WM configuration. I think it's a window
manager - application interaction issue; to clearly assign
responsibility for recording window state.

> (I'd like to point to the exact section
> where we say this, but I just noticed that the spec is completely 
> unnumbered - Havoc, can we change the formatting of the 
> specs to include section numbers ? That would make it easier to cite them
> exactly.)

Do you know how to convince db2html to do that? ;-)
> Saving state of uniquely identified windows is clearly the realm of 
> session management.

It isn't, because the state we want to save here is in no way tied to
a session.


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