On Fri, May 03, 2002 at 03:43:19AM +0200, Lubos Lunak wrote:
>  Maybe I'm just too blind, but where can one see the up to date version of the 
> spec? I remember e.g. discussion about TYPE_FULLSCREEN (which KDE doesn't 
> support either), but the version of the spec at doesn't 
> list it. It would be probably good to first find out all cases where KDE/Qt 
> doesn't comply with the spec, or where the spec is too unclear and the 
> implementations differ.

Seems to me a very good idea.

> Also, which WMs use the spec, only 
> KWin,Sawfish,Metacity?

There is a patch for the stable version of fvwm (2.4.x). The devel
version of fvwm (2.5.x) use the spec. For the stable version the
patch allows the user to configure itself the wm behavior for
each window type (with "reasonable" default). The devel version does
not decorate TYPE_MENU window as it has been tested with KDE2 (GNOME2
was too instable when I wrote the EWMH support) but the plan is to make
this configurable. But it is clear that KDE violate the spec here.
I think that some others wm use the spec at least at the devel level.
(e.g., AfterStep ?).


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