Re: Pending 1.2 stuff (Gush!) (Fullscreen + Xinerama)

Cristian Tibirna wrote:

Imo, you should not ever be putting windows above the active fullscreen
window. Fullscreen windows tend to come along with a grabbed keyboard
and mouse, which means that the user is going to be unable to raise
his fullscreen window back to the top without exiting and rerunning it.

Well, many many years ago, in my dreaded times of windows using (shudder), I was making powerpoint presentations for my sci. research that were able to pop up avi flicks at the click with the mouse on an active (full)screen (presentation's) element. The window with the flick _had_ to go above the fullscreen powerpoint. At that time, the fullscreen releaved mouse and keyboard grab too (as long as the focus was on the flick window).

Applications using the _NET_WM_STATE_FULLSCREEN should not be using keyboard/mouse grab to get focus, but should rely on normal WM mechanisms.

The WM should put it on top, with geometry of the screen (ignoring any constaints from WM_NORMAL_HINTS).
Which reminds me, how should this work for Xinerama?


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