Re: Pending 1.2 stuff

Lubos Lunak <l lunak sh cvut cz> writes: 
>  But it also doesn't rule out different ways how to implement it. Very vague 
> spec is as good as no spec, because apps have to be tweaked for different 
> implementations. I already thought a couple of times about replying to some 
> wishlist items for KWin just saying 'we're not going to implement that in 
> KWin, if you're used to this feature from WM XYZ, just use that XYZ with 
> KDE', but I just can't. Try running e.g. Metacity or Sawfish with KDE and see 
> how many small things don't work right. Some of them are KDE's fault, but 
> others are just because different people interpreted differently some things 
> in the spec. This vague definition of FLOATING is not enough for certain KDE 
> purposes, so KDE can either try to implement it some way and pray, or it can 
> be simply ignored. But what would be the purpose of this spec then?

I have to agree that it's very important to be able to actually use
other WMs with GNOME/KDE (this is one of my standard replies to
requests for metacity changes...)

So yes, for sure we need to be sure that the spec covers behaviors we
want to rely on.


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