Re: who "cleans" windows on withdraw?

Matthias Clasen <maclas gmx de> writes:

> > 
> > GTK+ has no fixed definition right now of what:
> > 
> >  gdk_window_hide (window)
> >  gdk_window_show (window)
> > 
> > does, so I'm not sure that I'd say that it wants to restore
> > the window exactly as before; that would be one possible behavior,
> > but perhaps not the most useful one.
> > 
> > I'd tend to expect the window to come up on the desktop it would come
> > up when initially mapped, so this certainly supports cleaning
> > 
> > I'm pretty positive that the programmer didn't want a maximized window
> > to become a not-maximized but full screen, though, and I'd expect
> > that to apply to "legacy" toolkits as well, so I'm not sure
> > that cleaning _NET_WM_STATE makes sense.
> > 
> But anybody who reuses a withdrawn window, in a legacy toolkit or a 
> modern one, would certainly check that the window size fits its new
> purpose, wouldn't he ? Since the legacy toolkit propably doesn't have
> the notion of maximized, the window would simply appear as a too large
> one which needs to be resized before it can be reused. I don't see
> a particular problem here. 

I guess I don't understand this concept of "reuse" ... do we have
examples of an app that this concept applies to?

(It's possible that we are only discussing dialogs, in which case
the issue of maximization doesn't really matter much.)


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