Re: launch notification

Hi Havoc, here is a number of questions which popped up in my mind after
reading this proposal:

1) Are launchers allowed/expected to reuse launch sequence windows ?

2) How are WMs supposed to keep app windows on the desktop which was current
when the
    launch sequence was initiated ? I guess you intend the launchee to put a
    property on the windows it maps before finishing the launch sequence ?

3) Do launchers have to be aware of the presence/absence of a launch manager
? I guess the
    answer is: yes, if they are launching legacy apps, since for these the
lm is responsible for finishing
    the launch sequence. For supporting launchees, all that is added by the
lm is  reliability (in case
    of stuck launchees) and exclusive launch feedback. But nonexclusive
launch feedback (by launch
    monitors such as taskbars) would work fine without the lm, right ?


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