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On Mon, 21 Feb 2000, Tim Janik wrote:


> > how about a suggestion... what if instead of setting all sorts of properties
> > and what not that won't be used except when an app decides to save it's current
> > position (like when it quits)... what if there was some clientmessage mechanism
> > where the app would send a request to the root window (similar to
> > WM_CHANGE_STATE) and the WM would send a phony ConfigureNotify with the window
> > id and coordinates of the toplevel frame window?  a client interested in
> > keeping coordinates could send the message to the wm when it exits (which could
> > result in the app waiting forever for the coordinates whenever a non-compliant
> > window manager is used)... or the app could send the message after it gets a
> > configurenotify from the window manager (after a window move for example)
> > 
> > not the best way for sure... but hopefully it will get other ideas brewing
> thee's really no need to do such a thing. 
> for one a virtual-root-window property is already widely used practice
> (look at sawmill or enlightenment code), and for another, pagers have to
> perform way more complicated stuff with the root window, e.g. lurking
> on substructure notify events and the like.

hmmm... i should probably do some code reading...

> but even if it weren't for the pagers, i'd consider your approach somewhat
> more complicated than simply setting a property (only a couple of bytes)
> per virtual root window to simply flag it.
> what problem are you trying to solve?

not really trying to solve a problem... just trying to stir up comments...
flagging such virtual root windows is probably the best idea/method... after
sending the last post i wish i could have stopped it from going out... after
having though of some things that would break my idea (or be an absolute burden)

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