Re: Patch to fix typos in EWHM version 1.0


Off the top of my head -
*the website should probably link directly to the current "release" and the
current "development" versions. There could be a link then to an ftp server,
which has old releases, and you can browse the directory, and get whatever you
want. Maybe some web servers can display the directory as html. Whatever - the
point is that you don't have to manually update html. The release need unique
filenames, probably by appending the version #. Someone who knows what the're
doing could probably conjure a script to tag a version, and then check it out
to the correct mangled name. Maybe CVS can be used to automatically update the
version # in the document, too

*all of this x3 for docbook / html / ps, btw does anyone know a visual docbook
diff tool (to get a diff of the formatted text, rather than the docbook source)

*probably need to decide version # structure, and what is allowed in a change
to each bit: e.g. major.minor.patch level. Patch level increments would be for
bug fixes only, not sure about definitions for the others ...

happy xmas


 On Thu, 21 Dec 2000, Havoc Pennington wrote: >Hi, >
>Looks like I won't manage to apply this patch until after christmas -
>I'll be gone for the next week. No time. :-(
>We need to figure out which versions of the spec need archiving. Do we
>archive all versions in a "stable" release like 1.0? What changes are
>allowed in a "stable" release and which go in a "devel" version?
>So that's the complicating factor that makes applying the patch take
>more than 5 minutes. Any comments on how this is normally done for
>wm-spec-list mailing list
>wm-spec-list gnome org

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