Re: Various comments, mostly on Implementation Notes writes:
|>Wouldn't it be possible to initially map the window with Static
|>gravity, then change to whatever is required after the first map-notify
|>event has arrived?
|AFAIK you cannot change your gravity unless you unmap your window,
|change hints and then map it back. And that does not really do you any

I can't see anything stating this in the ICCCM (it says this explicitly
for WM_CLASS, but nothing in the WM_NORMAL_HINTS section)

Also, xterm seems to temporarily change its gravity to NorthWest while
changing font sizes. E.g. `xterm -geometry -100-100' then use C-button3
to change to the unreadable font, and the top-left corner is anchored,
even though the specified geometry gives it SouthEast gravity..?

|Hold 'Shift' key and press '+'(or'-') on the NumPad (repeatedly).
|right-bottom corner should stay put. ( you may need to toggle NumLock


|To see if you actually place it correctly try:
|rxvt -g -0-0 ; rxvt -g -0+0 ; rxvt -g +0-0 ; rxvt -g +0+0
|in all the cases your entire frame should be visible and be placed next to
|the screen edges.

yes, that works fine,



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