Re: Various comments, mostly on Implementation Notes

>I fixed both kwin and Qt (2.2) to do ICCCM compliant positioning.  Let's
>who will complain :)

cool, dark ages may now be finally over :)

>> The way that GTK+ does this now is to crawl up window hierarchy to one
>> window before the (pseudo-)root window and assume that that window
>> corresponds to the window manager decorations. Which may be
>> somewhat less than robust.)

>This is why we added that frame-geometry thing in the NET_WM hints.

hmm, I can't seems to find it. Is it in the latest specs ?

>The crawling up isn't too bad (I did that once in Qt), but it's pretty
>expensive (round-trip wise). I will add this again in Qt-3.0 on demand,
>somebody really needs the frame geometry (without breaking binary
>compatibility, I could only do it on ReparentNotify in Qt-2.x ).

The only problem I find with it is that you have to correctly distinguish
virtual roots, and don't crawl up higher, but with _NET_VIRTUAL_ROOTS that
should not be too big a deal.


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