Re: comments on current spec

On Thu, 27 Apr 2000, John Harper wrote:

> |The point of these messages is that an application can set aside a region
> |of the window to act as a size-grip (think triangle in bottom right hand
> Okay, I see this now.
> (I'm not sure how great it would be if applications started using this,
> they would probably choose different locations and images for the
> grips, making the user interface inconsistent. 

Assuming that this is done at the toolkit level, it should look no more
inconsistent than using a GTK app next to a QT app.

Of course, the design may not match the WM frame, but that's the old
matching WM and toolkit themes problem...

> But I guess it's better than them implementing the whole move/resize
> thing themselves, like e.g. most mp3 players seem to do)

Yes - that one hadn't occured to me, but it would be a good use of these

> |As for making movement directional:  There would only be 3 directions -
> |horizontal, vertical and both.  I'm not sure I can think of a situation
> |where this would be in any way useful, but if we do seperate the move and
> |resize messages then we could add these cleanly.
> I'm not sure how serious I was about this, I can't see any uses for it
> either..!

:-)  Using these messages the WM is free to do whatever edge-resistance it
does normally, which is a Good Thing.


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