Re: comments on current spec

Paul Warren writes:
|On the other hand, if a pager asks to "activate" a window this should be
|because the user has explicitly asked to work with that window, in which
|case switching desktops to make it visible would seem like the correct

Yes, I also think this is the most sensible behaviour

|The point of these messages is that an application can set aside a region
|of the window to act as a size-grip (think triangle in bottom right hand

Okay, I see this now.

(I'm not sure how great it would be if applications started using this,
they would probably choose different locations and images for the
grips, making the user interface inconsistent. But I guess it's better
than them implementing the whole move/resize thing themselves, like
e.g. most mp3 players seem to do)

|As for making movement directional:  There would only be 3 directions -
|horizontal, vertical and both.  I'm not sure I can think of a situation
|where this would be in any way useful, but if we do seperate the move and
|resize messages then we could add these cleanly.

I'm not sure how serious I was about this, I can't see any uses for it


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