Re: WIP: wm-spec 1.9b

On Thu, Sep 30, 1999 at 01:39:51PM +0100, wrote:
> >a lot of wm's as part of th4eir startup select on button presses ont he
> >root window - E will fail and abaort if it cant get them. fvwm2 does the
> >same - if ti cant manage to select on buttonpresses on roto it will
> >about and fail. if i dug the code for twm i bet it probably woudl do
> >the same - infact most wm's would. by doign this you ar basically
> >forcing all wm's to me modified to even be used in conjunction with a
> >filemanager like this. the reason is one and ONLY one client in X can
> >select for buttonpresses and releases on a single window - so first in
> >gets it and all others afterwards hav their selects fail. the current
> >mechanism spport proxying onto one hidden window so one single extra
> >client can get the events if the wm doesnt need them.
> The WM would still select button presses and clicks on the root window. The
> file manager would use a large window in the lowermost layer as the desktop, 
> sending events it wasn't interested in to the root window for the WM to
> handle. No existing WMs would break.

No, I don't think so.  Perhaps the WM would get that button
presses, but it will certainly not be able to *grab* keys/buttons
if they have already been grabbed by someone else.


Dominik ^_^

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