Re: WIP: wm-spec 1.9b

>a lot of wm's as part of th4eir startup select on button presses ont he
>root window - E will fail and abaort if it cant get them. fvwm2 does the
>same - if ti cant manage to select on buttonpresses on roto it will
>about and fail. if i dug the code for twm i bet it probably woudl do
>the same - infact most wm's would. by doign this you ar basically
>forcing all wm's to me modified to even be used in conjunction with a
>filemanager like this. the reason is one and ONLY one client in X can
>select for buttonpresses and releases on a single window - so first in
>gets it and all others afterwards hav their selects fail. the current
>mechanism spport proxying onto one hidden window so one single extra
>client can get the events if the wm doesnt need them.

The WM would still select button presses and clicks on the root window. The
file manager would use a large window in the lowermost layer as the desktop, 
sending events it wasn't interested in to the root window for the WM to
handle. No existing WMs would break.

Michael Rogers

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