Re: WIP: wm-spec 1.9b

On Fri, 17 Sep 1999 wrote:
> so i suggest you thinnk twice then twice again about using CORBA - you
> may want it for your own inter-app communication but i seriously doubt
> many wm's want it to do what can already be done by X and what they
> alreayd do do via X.

The important thing is just that there is some way to talk to a WM at
runtime and modify it on-the-fly; if the WM uses X, then you just write a
little wrapper program that exports a CORBA interface and sends messages
to the WM via whatever thing the WM uses. No problem.

That is, the fact that you have an IDL interface for window managers
does not imply that window managers will have to link with an ORB and
implement the CORBA internally.

But, everyone focus on the hints spec, let's get that down first. :-)


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