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On Tue, 31 Aug 1999, Nathan Clemons wrote:

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> Greets all. Well, basically, here's the deal: the GNOME people are planning
> on a new major release, and we're on the agenda items. I'm sure most of you
> are familiar with the details. If not, try going to:
> And you'll see that we're on there. They have us down for a November
> timeframe for specification delivery.
> I think we can meet that goal. I think that if we continue as we have of
> late, however, we will fail by far. We need to get back into being involved
> in this project like we were in the beginning. I wish I had been able to
> avoid the 3 weeks I was in Virginia, but the fact is, I couldn't.
> What we need to do, is to have an IRC meeting to discuss the attack plan
> of how we will proceed in the future in regards to this spec. We have never
> solidly nailed down the specific objectives that we plan to enable in this
> spec, and that is keeping us from having a strong focus and clarity of vision.
> Let's meet on IRC and settle some of the outstanding questions once and for
> all.
> I'm in the EST/EDT time zone and work from 8:00AM to usually around 7:00PM.
> What is a good time for people to meet? If there are no objections, I am
> thinking that Saturday (around 1:00PM EST) would be a good time. Please send
> time suggestions to the list, along with an idea if you will be attending.
> I'd assume that the GIMP network would be acceptable, #wm-spec?

i'll be going out of town this weekend... being laborday weekend and all
(for we, the people)... perhaps the saturday after would be a more
appropriate (since i'm assuming most people have made plans for this

just a thought ;)

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