Re: layer and strut hints are unnecessary

On Wed, 27 Oct 1999, Marko Macek wrote:
> Hi!
> >  Give up the idea of layer/struts hints. A 'do not cover' 
> >  hints *is* enough to do what we want. Matthias mentioned 
> >  that there is a problem with auto-hiding applications. 
> >  Let me explain how this problem can easily be solved: 
> I agree about dropping the requirement for layer hint. If we drop layers,
> we need a few hints:
>     - desktop (stays below other windows)
>     - fullscreen (window can occupy the entire screen, not just the
>     - on-top

Agree. But doesn't  that bascially imply the four layers "Desktop, Normal,
OnTop, FullScreen"? 

Since things like OnTop and Desktop are mutual exclusive, I thought Gnome's
layer concept is a nice general approach. I had no (and don't have )
interest in implementing more layers then these four in kwm anyway.


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