Re: Draft 1.9c

> > ->  > well thsi can be done just by PID :) oh hold on.. hmm no actually if
> > ->  > the spawnign spawns a process that spawns yet another process that
> > ->  > spanws yet another process (ie scriptS) then we have isses.. yes an
> > ->  > inherited evnironment variable set by the wm fo rthat "launch" that is
> > ->  > then set on all widnows displayed by that app.. yes.. i see this use..
> > ->  > perhaps it shoudl be in the spec (apps have to set a property ont he
> > ->  > window thta is the contents of thsi variable (numeric) ie:
> > ->
> > ->  I support this (and PID), but _INSTANCE_ID should be a string.
> >
> > hmmm - comments? i dont really have a prefernce... :)
> Sorry if I'm being somewhat slow here, but I don't quite follow what is
> being suggested.  Applications should set an instance ID property, right?
> How do they get that instance ID?

Environment variable.
> I do know that being able to tie particular windows to a particular
> process allows one very neat feature:  Give new windows focus, unless the
> user has deliberately focused another window since starting the app.  It's
> a NextStep thing...

Yes, that could work and would be very nice. (But can be partially done
with group and transient hints already).

... There is no perfect file selection dialog...

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