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On 24 Nov, Greg J. Badros scribbled:
-> writes:
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->  > actually there is alreayd a machine name property as part of icccm:
->  > 
->  > so u use this in combo with PID (which fills the missing link) and then
->  > the WM or taskbar or whatever can manage all apps that are onthe same
->  > machine - and even coudl spawn helper apps on the particular machine
->  > the app is running on (if it van do this) to try kill or whatevre its
->  > pid there... so as long as we have a machien name AND a PId -we're set
->  We actually can do this for legacy applications via the
->  "" module that comes in
->  scwm/utilities/pidproperty.  Then you do:
->  LD_PRELOAD=$exec_prefix/ xlogo

oh scwm did an alpreload hack! DAMN! i was planning on doign that..
didnt know.. cool.. i shodul check it out.. :) i wonder if its done as
efficiently as it coudl be.. dunno.. need to read src.. this sia good
call - i was planning on having an LD_PRELOAD AND a hacked Xlib too
(replacement Xlib soi distributions coudl include it)

if a wm (or helper app) spawns the process it can add the LD_PRELOAD to
the env (tho SUID apps wont work.. but thats a minefield on its own)

very good.. :) excellent.. :)

->  and the xlogo window gets its SCWM_RUNNING_PID property set to be its
->  process id.   Scwm also provides a helper procedure, too:
->  (window-pid WINDOW)
->  The pid property stuff also lets you set another arbitrary Id which is
->  useful for reliably determining which execution of a process a popped-up 
->  window corresponds to.  (E.g., to be able to treat a single start of an
->  application differently in the window manager, w/o affecting its X
->  resource name or titlebar name).

well thsi can be done just by PID :) oh hold on.. hmm no actually if
the spawnign spawns a process that spawns yet another process that
spanws yet another process (ie scriptS) then we have isses.. yes an
inherited evnironment variable set by the wm fo rthat "launch" that is
then set on all widnows displayed by that app.. yes.. i see this use..
perhaps it shoudl be in the spec (apps have to set a property ont he
window thta is the contents of thsi variable (numeric) ie:

->  Greg

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