Re: Draft 1.9c writes:


> actually there is alreayd a machine name property as part of icccm:
> so u use this in combo with PID (which fills the missing link) and then
> the WM or taskbar or whatever can manage all apps that are onthe same
> machine - and even coudl spawn helper apps on the particular machine
> the app is running on (if it van do this) to try kill or whatevre its
> pid there... so as long as we have a machien name AND a PId -we're set

We actually can do this for legacy applications via the
"" module that comes in
scwm/utilities/pidproperty.  Then you do:

LD_PRELOAD=$exec_prefix/ xlogo

and the xlogo window gets its SCWM_RUNNING_PID property set to be its
process id.   Scwm also provides a helper procedure, too:

(window-pid WINDOW)

The pid property stuff also lets you set another arbitrary Id which is
useful for reliably determining which execution of a process a popped-up 
window corresponds to.  (E.g., to be able to treat a single start of an
application differently in the window manager, w/o affecting its X
resource name or titlebar name).


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