Re: Decorations (again) - layers suggestion

Regarding window layers, please consider how FVWM2's pager works.

It might solve your problem without introducing as many new ones.

By default, the pager window is always on top.  Raising and lowering other 
windows always leaves them behind the pager and leaves the pager visible.

However, if you lower the pager, then it acts like just another window.  
Lowering other windows will place them behind it (lowering all other windows 
will end up with the pager on top), but raising another window will place it 
in front of the pager.

Raising the pager window resets it to "always on top" status.

The net behavior is that the page is usually on top and raising other windows
does not obscure it, but any time you want it off your screen, you can easily
lower it.

I haven't been following your Gnome discussion in detail, but would the above
behavior work for Gnome?


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