Re: Decorations (again)

>Scrapping the existing method does mean a lot of work all round.  WMs that
>don't already have a pager (sawmill springs to mind) will need to acquire
>one.  Someone needs to come up with a CORBA interface, although I suspect
>that that can be left out of the intial spec.
>However, I have always thought that separating the WM from its pager
>wasn't a great idea, and that trying to make a one-size-fits-all universal
>pager will always lead to feature/usability shortcomings.
>The only problem is that any WM may require several different flavours of
>pager - eg. an applet for Gnome, a standalone variant, a KDE variant.  

I think the Gnome panel can now swallow windows, making it possible to have a
standalone pager embedded in the panel. If the KDE panel can do that too, the
WM would only need to provide one pager (widget set issues aside).


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