Re: Decorations (again)

> However, I have always thought that separating the WM from its pager
> wasn't a great idea, and that trying to make a one-size-fits-all universal
> pager will always lead to feature/usability shortcomings.
> The only problem is that any WM may require several different flavours of
> pager - eg. an applet for Gnome, a standalone variant, a KDE variant.  
> Anyone else have an opinion on this?
> Paul

The few root window properties defined by the NET protocol are already
sufficient to implement a usable general pager. It's for example
completly sufficient for what kicker (KDE's new panel) requiers.  That's
more than enough for the specs now, I'd say.

For more fancier things, the pager may need to communicate with the WM, with
CORBA, DCOP, EIPC or whatever. But that's out of the range of this

The NET protocol  is good enough that a well-written pager will at least do
*something* reasonable with a  window manager that isn't the preferred one.
That is ways better than not starting up or doing nothing. And if you ask me,
that's quite a big step in the right direction :-)


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