Re: Application modal transients windows wrote:

> If the window manager gets a property notify for this property it
> shoudl re-read the property data contents and any visible icons
> displays for this window shoudl be then re-rendered and updated so the
> user can see the updated version.
> Thsi property should only be set on top-level windows and not on group
> leader windows that are unmapped.
> The window manager is free to res-cale the icons data to fit the
> available space for it to be displayed. it may re-color, rmap and
> dither the icosn too according to user preferences for color image
> rendering quality etc.

I have a few comments (#1 most important):
    1. scaled icons absolutely suck if small (getting nice 16x16 icons
from 32x32 or 64x64 is likely to produce ugly icons). Good icons are
pixel-perfect and scaling is not the way to get them.
    2. I don't plan to support rendering ARGB icons at this time (see
    3. When X has support for ARGB (and rendering of them), this
property will be a problem because the WM will have to download the data
and then upload the image or the data for rendering. This wouldn't be a
problem if we just have pixmaps in the structure.
    4. If the wm doesn't process the icon data, sharing the icons is
possible if client uploads the data to the server.

... GUI: WPS.

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