Re: Application modal transients windows

On  5 Nov, Paul Warren scribbled:
->  The 1.9b draft suggests that we should use the GTK method of application
->  modal dialog boxes as standard, where WM_TRANSIENT_FOR is set to the root
->  window, and the dialog is kept above all other windows in this group.  
->  John Harper has pointed out that this is not inline with the ICCCM, which
->  demands that WM_TRANSIENT_FOR should only contain the id of another
->  top-level window, and by the ICCCM definition the root window is not a
->  top-level window.
->  So, do we add another hint indicating application modality, and go and try
->  to persuade the GTK people to change their ways, or do we put up with this
->  bending of the ICCCM.  

get get GTK to change. if its violating the ICCCM then thats not good

->  Any opinions?
->  Paul

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