This list has only been active for a few days now and I wanted to let
everyone who has joined that it is not already dead :)

  Nathan Clemons is currently heading up an effort to get all the 
people together who can help determine the future of window managers and
desktop environments working together. As everyone knows, we are currently
at a point where there is fragmentation between GNOME and KDE in many
areas. I feel the specification of how each of these interact with a
window manager is a 'no-brainer' for starting to work through the

  At the moment we have support from the icewm, mosquito, and the scwm
authors.  Nathan is working on the blackbox window manager himself.
He is also contacted the authors of the other major window managers, and 
once we have everyone on board we will make a more general announcement
requesting participation.  I think initially keeping the group small
and focused will produce the greatest good quickly.

  Please send any ideas or comments you have to this list - I think it
is imperative we try to come to a decision over the next few months so
that window manager authors will have a solid specification to follow.


Michael Fulbright
Director - Red Hat Advanced Development Labs

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