Re: window caption and utf

> > 
> I suspect alot of places where X uses "ascii" or ISO-LATIN-1 could be 
> safely replaced with UTF-8 without bad things happening.  UTF-16 is a 
> very different animal, and I believe is not useful for this purpose.  
> In any case, I expect looking into where UTF-8 can be used should be looked 
> into carefully; it may provide alot of bang for the buck...

The problem with "ascii" is, that everybody has a different understanding what
ascii was supposed to be. I understand that the japanese users, just as an 
example, think of their national 7 bit encoding as ascii as well, and I assume
their applications will use it to set the window captions.  Interpretting
those as utf8 now might be a bit rude.


> 				- Jim Gettys

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