Re: 1.9d

>> Hmm.  SKIP_TASKBAR windows should probably show up on a Pager, just not a
>> TaskBar.
>Should the spec really be defining the behaviors of these various objects
>that specifically? What if I want to implement something that's sort of like
>a pager and sort of like a taskbar and sort of like a banana? Do I just lose
>because now all new apps are going to expect the world to be divided into
>apps, WMs, pagers, and taskbars and nothing else?

Yes, splitting the wm into several programs creates a mess. If you wanted to
implement a banana-taskbar-pager, you would have to build it into the wm.
However, this spec is meant to help window managers interact with 
Windows/Mac-like desktop environments, so a lot of assumptions have been made
about the types of window we expect to encounter.

Michael Rogers

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