Re: Status?

> I do have to say that it is a pleasure to return and see Rasterman and Jim
> Gettys posting. Welcome to the list, we were hoping to have you onboard.
> At this point, can anyone think of anyone else who should be on this list
> who is not? I need to update the webpages as soon as possible, it has been
> a few weeks.
I tried to join early on, and noticed no mail, so after a while, I poked
into things and finally got subscribed.  I suspect some early subscription
requests went into a black hole.

The other person more qualified than me on ICCCM issues is Dave Rosenthal, 
of Sun.  He's interested in joining the list; I expect his request to
be added also ended up in a black hole.  He's one of the ICCCM authors;
went to NVIDIA in its early days, and recently rejoined Sun.

I'm not quite sure what his email address is: in the old days, it
was; his recent mail address while in transition back into
Sun was; then again, Dave may just be lurking...
Could some one please check to see if his subscription stuck?
				- Jim

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