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On  3 Aug, Marko Macek scribbled:
->  Using XShape is slow beyond usability when the WM has opaque window move
->  and resize enabled. (I like them both very much). Lots of
->  configure/expose events are generated during such operations.

it's perfectly fast as long as your shapes arent too complex. also X
doesnt have the best api for shape work... with a few more functions a
LOT of speed could be gained. (makign X do serveral things internally
like shape propagation etc.)

->  >    IF there is a problem, then it is quite possible to work on region performance 
->  >    in the server, with the only caveat that it is painful to debug if you 
->  >    get things wrong. 
->  I am not sure XShape can be improved by orders of magnitude (without
->  serious memory overhead). I have recently tried WindowBlinds (for
->  Windows) that has E-style shaped themes and it is about as slow as X.

it defintiely can for complex shapes. add a second region type -
"maybe" this is then a redirecter to a bitmap. so instead of just
having clip regions only we have 2 now - a "yes - draw here" and a
"maybe draw here - but chekc the bitmap first" - you just need tohe
code that splits a shape up tino regiosn of these 2 types effectively -
so you onyl memorise the bitmap for "complex" areas and use clip rects
for the larger less complex areas.

->  >    I again make a plea for some serious effort to go into proper analysis 
->  >    of this problem rather than the mach-1 handwaving that has gone on to date. 
->  - GNOME has full control of the desktop background and WMs can't mess
->  with it. This means that desktop-background will actually work
->  predictably.

actually they can - E can just hide it behind other virtual root
windows. The WM can do anything it likes with client windows. It is
completely up to the policy the WM dictates as to what ends up

->  - desktop is just another (focusable) window, so you can easily do
->  keyboard navigation.

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