Re: cross compile gtk on linux for win32

narcisse doudieu siewe schreef op ma 24-06-2013 om 03:04 [+0100]:

I try to compile gtk-vnc on linux for win32 so I have to
firstly port gtk to win32 ( gtk 3.6 version ).

To do that, I have compiled glib 2.34 but make fails

gatomic.c:630:21: error: pthread.h: No such file or directory

It shouldn't be necessary to use pthread on win32. My guess would be
that your ./configure call is missing the argument
'--host=i686-pc-mingw32' or '--host=i686-w64-mingw32'. Which one you
need to use depends on whether you've installed the
cross-compiler or the mingw-w64 cross-compiler.


Erik van Pienbroek
Fedora MinGW SIG

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