Re: Jhbuild on windows/msys

Hi Steve!

I'm CC'ing this to windows-devel-list gnome org where a few relevant
people are subscribed

On Tue, Aug 7, 2012 at 6:00 PM, Steve Trotman <steve_trotman hotmail com> wrote:
> I was curious to know if this project is still alive.  I see there has been
> no activity on your gitorious repo for some time.

Yes, I've not been needing to use Windows for a while, which is in
most ways a blessing but does mean that I've not work on this

What exactly is your goal - to build just the Gtk+ stack, or get
jhbuild itself to work? For the former, I suggest looking at Dieter
Verfaille's recent work - - there are
already beta-quality builds of the Gtk+ 3 stack available from his
site, too: He
uses a set of shell scripts to run the compiles.

> -The instruction page you started here:
>  does not work.
> -The options/windows branch you cited does not exist on the gnome git
> server.
> -The makefile present in the gitorious repo doesn't exist
> in the gnome repo
> -Attempting a stock gitclone/autogen/make fails because install-check.c is
> full of unix code

I do have a branch locally with this stuff in, if you want to get
involved in jhbuild work I'll push it somewhere, but it's a bit out of
date and half-finished. jhbuild itself runs OK with my fixes but the
build doesn't get far.

> Any insight or pointers to the correct person to hassle would be appreciated

This list and GIMPnet #windows are the best places, although both are very quiet


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