RE: Gtk+ win32 fixes, please test

Hi Alexander/Dieter,

I will also test the builds on Visual C++ 2008/2010 in these 2 days to poke out possible issues there in these 2 days or so, and will keep people informed here.

Perhaps we might want to post this on the Win32 list too?

Thanks for the update, and thanks to Alexander for squishing out those bugs.

Best regards, and God bless!

-Fan, Chun-wei

寄件日期: 2011/10/20 (四) 7:49 AM
主旨: Re: Gtk+ win32 fixes, please test

On Wed, 19 Oct 2011 22:53:49 +0200, Alexander Larsson wrote:
> I just pushed a bunch of changes to how grabs and crossing events
> work in the win32 backend to the gtk-2-24-win32 branch, and I want to
> fix any other leftover bugs from the client side windows conversion.

From my first tests (on Windows XP), this looks good. Even better, it's
amazing to see some long standing bugs finally squashed. Thank you!

> Can any people interested in the win32 code please try this out and
> report any issues, regressions against gtk-2-24 or just things that are
> broken on windows related to windows and events.

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