Re: [Vala] The future of Vala

On Fri, Sep 9, 2016 at 3:34 AM, Timm Bäder <mail baedert org> wrote:
So... what's the deal here? Is there any way forward one could look
into? Is it wip/transform? IIRC there was some dbus stuff broken here?
Are there any TODO items for cleaning up the compiler? Should we just
tell people to not use Vala in the first place (which would be better
for the in the long run)? All of these are fine, but the current
situation not so much.

I'd like to see Vala continue, it's IMHO the only reasonable way to write high-level apps in GObject, but I /am/ biased. :)

As people have pointed out, we can get patches landed, bindings are being updated, and we can respond and triage bugs, improve automated testing coverage and debate hosting choice of infrastructure, but none of that's going to be terribly useful unless significant new releases continue.

It really sounds like Vala needs some maintainers. Perhaps Jürg, Luca and Flo are still keen but too busy at the moment, perhaps someone else needs to step up. But either way there needs to be one or a few people with some idea of where they want Vala to go, who have the time to put in to make sure it starts heading in that direction. In the end, its the maintainers that would decide if things like wip/transform is the way to go or not.


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