[Vala] [Announce] Repository for third-party Vala bindings

I've created a repository on GitHub ("vala-extra-vapis" [1]) to house
our external VAPIs.

This repository has a very low barrier for entry.  Unlike the bindings
distributed with valac, I don't plan to provide much review or
oversight.  Basically, the only requirement for getting bindings into
the repository is an open source license (preferable MIT or a similarly
permissive license).

vala-extra-vapis is designed to be used as a git submodule, and it will
only contain *.vapi and *.deps files (as well as the README).  All
tests, examples, documentation, and other supplemental information will
go in a second repository, "vala-extra-vapis-supplemental" [2] (yes, I'm
aware the name seems both repetitive and redundant).  I'm still working
on getting the infrastructure in place to automatically run the tests
and generate documentation, but that should happen soon.

If you have created bindings for libraries which are not being
distributed with the library they bind (or with valac), I hope you'll
consider submitting them for inclusion in vala-extra-vapis through the
issue tracker on GitHub.

Just to be clear, I still prefer that bindings be distributed with the
library they bind when possible (see [3]).  However, I hope this will
provide an easier alternative to trying to get them distributed with


[1] https://github.com/nemequ/vala-extra-vapis
[2] https://github.com/nemequ/vala-extra-vapis-supplemental
[3] http://live.gnome.org/Vala/UpstreamGuide

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