Re: [Vala] bug#12522: Problem with automake tests for vala

Reference: <>

On 09/26/2012 10:04 AM, Pavel Raiskup wrote:

because valac's developers dropped POSIX profile:

   commit ca020bf04a09fe16e5583eea5a3a341e7796bff5

.. there is a problem with automake testsuite in:

   $ grep -r '\-\-profile=posix' .
   ./ = --profile=posix --vapidir=$(srcdir)
   ./ = --profile=posix
   ./ = --profile=posix
   ./ = --profile=posix
   ./ = --profile=posix
   ./ = --profile=posix

Configure then fails with:

   error: Unknown profile posix

Testsuite log from Fedora Rawhide (vala-0.18.0) attached.  Unfortunately,
I don't know much about vala to be able fix this problem.

Me neither, actually.  We could copy the idioms used in the other vala tests
(using pkg-config to find gobject-2.0, like it's done in, say, 't/'),
but maybe there is a simpler solution that would require less churn.  I'm
CC:ing the Vala mailing list in the hope that someone there has a suggestion
on how to best tackle this issue.


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