Re: [Vala] SDL TTF Bindings can't find font

Hi David, Do you have the following line at the beginning of your method : SDLTTF.init ();

Regards, Tarnyko

David Gomes writes:
Hello there, first of all here's the relevant part of my code: using SDLTTF; (...)
public void draw_string (string text, int x, int y, Color color) {
    Rect destination = {};
    Font pixel_font = new Font ("font.ttf", 20);
if (pixel_font == null) print ("Font not found\n");
Basically, pixel_font is always null and I am sure font.ttf is on the
same directory as the binary executable:
~/src/thegame $ ls
thegame Game.vala Cube.Vala font.ttf Makefile PlayState.vala State.vala
~/src/thegame $ ls
I also tried renaming the file, or putting the font in a special
folder. Oh, and I'm calling the executable on the same directory as
the font and the binary. Here's my compile line on my Makefile:
valac --pkg gl --pkg sdl --pkg sdl-gfx --pkg gio-2.0 --pkg sdl-image
--pkg sdl-ttf -X -lSDL_gfx -X lSDL_image -X lSDL_ttf
--Xcc=-I/usr/include/SDL -o thegame Game.vala State.vala State.vala
PlayState.vala It compiles with 0 warnings and 0 errors too by the way.
David Gomes
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