[Vala] Namespaces and Compiling With Multiple Source Files

I'm trying to compile and run a Vala program from two (2) vala source
files. I can compile the program with the following command:

valac geospatial_annotations.vala sutiv.vala -o test_geospatial_annotations.vala

The sutiv.vala file contains the namespace "Sutiv". It defines a
couple of classes I use in geospatial_annotations.vala. I have "using
Sutiv" at the top of my geospatial_annotations.vala file.

The program compiles without errors. When I attempt to execute it with
the command "vala test_geospatial_annotations.vala" the interpreter
tells me "Namespace Sutiv could not be found."

Any ideas what I'm doing wrong. How do I compile a program that uses a
namespace defined in a separate source code file?

I can provide the source code files if needed.



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