Re: [Vala] Convert glibmm's Glib::ustring to Vala's string

Dear Trung,

Vala is currently not able to bind to C++ code, but only to C. So you
will have to do C bidings of that C++ library first. 

Vala strings have UTF-8 support. Vala's string class uses UTF-8
functions of GLib.

Hope that helps.

Best Regards

Am Samstag, den 01.09.2012, 11:23 +0700 schrieb Trung Ngo:
I'm trying to interface my vala code with a C++ library that makes use
of Glib::ustring for UTF-8 support. Is there any way to convert
glibmm's Glib::ustring to Vala's string?
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