Re: [Vala] Help me find the right Vala idiom


I'm not sure if that's what you need - but since vala uses glib internaly (of course unless you use that new 
profile..), why don't you just use this: ?

I use it a lot when I need just a couple of key=value items and when things get complicated, I go for JSON or 

Jan Spurny

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Od: Chris Elston <celston katalix com>
Předmět: [Vala] Help me find the right Vala idiom
Datum: 05.3.2012 15:22:04
Hello list,

I have a pattern I commonly use in C which I've so far failed to
translate to an equivalent Vala or indeed OO equivalent.  I was hoping
that those more used to thinking in such terms would be able to point me
in the right direction.

Attached is a C file which (dumbly) parses a config file with entries of
the format:


Where a given key is uniquely associated with a particular type of data
(string, int etc...)

My aim is to parse the config file data into appropriately typed
variables, but to do so using a table based lookup on the key to find
the appropriate function to parse the data and the address of the
location to place the data.

Hopefully the C is clear enough, I apologise for posting C to this list,
but I'm not confident enough of my terminology to communicate the ideas
in Vala.

I'm looking to produce a Vala class which is able to parse <some text
data> into it's own member variables, based on a table lookup. The
important bit for me isn't the parsing, it's the lookup from key to
parse function and destination for the data.

Suggestions gratefully received!

Many thanks,


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