Re: [Vala] Can constructors throw errors, cascade?

On Wed, Sep 7, 2011 at 6:02 PM, bsquared <bwcode4u gmail com> wrote:

Being new to both Vala and GObjects I hope you will forgive me if my
questions are obvious.

Is it acceptable for a constructor to throw an error.

               public ResourceFile.from_file (string rc_filename)  throws
GLib.FileError {
                       string sz_data;
                       if (FileUtils.test (rc_filename,
FileTest.IS_REGULAR)) {
                               if (!FileUtils.get_contents(rc_filename, out
sz_data)) {
                                       throw new GLib.FileError.FAILED
(_("could not load
                               ResourceFile.from_data(sz_data); // Is this
OK to cascade?

It's this.from_data(


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