Re: [Vala] Vala logo symbol voting

It's never too late for feedback :)

But as I already wrote here on the mailing list, this voting won't be about
the VALA text but about the symbol. This text is on the proposals as an
example, but it will be dicussed later and there will be a separate voting
on it.
For now, if you don't like it, ignore it ;)


2011/8/31 Dru Moore <dru dru-id co uk>

Probably far too late in the process to come back and comment on this
but I have a few general comments.

I really like the concept of wings etc and think of the logo marks,
all but #4 are really very strong, to me #4 is the weakest and is only

However, I really dislike the font used for VALA.

I totally get that by reducing the number of strokes required to form
the letters you are trying to evoke simplicity and lightness as shared
qualities. For me it actually suggests a different, less accurate set
of ideas:
Only a few basic tools - 4 unique strokes build the entire word
Very direct and angular - fast yes, elegant no.

These would seem more to be the qualities of a low level language
(assembler or c) rather than a modern, high level language. Vala
provides lot's of tools and high level objects to it's users that
should let us express ourselves in a much more elegant fashion.

Appreciate these comments may be coming at the least helpful time and
regardless the outcome will clearly be to a very high standard.

On 31 August 2011 18:20, Tobias Bernard <bertob93 gmail com> wrote:
I totally agree with you that war isn't a good symbolism for this, it is
of the reasons I deleted that proposal.

The reason why I created it in the first place was the sound of "Vala":
reminds "of Valkyrie" or "Valhalla" (and if you've read the Silmarillion
reminds of the "Valar"), and ancient weapons are strongly connected to
topics, so I wanted to try working on that. But since there are better
symbolisms (which also look better graphically :D), I deleted that

I don't know if you've taken a look at the pdf, but there are several
proposals which communicate exactly what you said: lightness, easiness,
flying etc.
A flying carpet isn't a bad idea but personally, I like a wing better,
because it's less complex and easier to understand.
in case you've missed it: symbol proposals pdf

kind regards

2011/8/31 Jim Peters <jim uazu net>

Sam Liddicott wrote:
2) The symbolism of "ancient warfare" is hard to
understand. Probably too hard to be understood instantly by most
people, so I put that proposal away too.

The presentation is very good.

I think that symbols of weapons, killing and/or warfare should be
avoided, having very current and unpleasant connotations for many
people in specific locales.

War happens -- deal with it.  But anyway, Vala is not about war, not
even about posing with weapons, nor indulging in feelings of
superiority or anything like that.  Vala is practical and gets the job
done.  It is not an academic language made by purists or theorists.
It doesn't seem to attract zealots or fanatics -- it is relatively
humble in that sense.  It makes life easier for those who use it --
compared to the alternative tools available to do the same job.

Getting a good visual logo can be hard.  When I was involved in
OpenEEG, someone sent us a drawing of a levitating, meditating,
EEG-wired GNU, which was really perfect and said everything:

However, a programming language is more abstract.  Linux has a penguin
mascot pictured with a bellyful of fish (according to Linus), which I
guess represents a feeling of comfort.

I wonder whether we can find a feeling connection for Vala?

To me it is about flying above all the nightmare complexity of pages
of boilerplate code that is required at the C level.  So maybe
Aladdin's flying carpet?  Or something else to represent the ease and
feeling of flying above complexity?

Any other way we can represent this feeling?

Or is there some other feeling we can associate with Vala?


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